What You Need to Know When Using Free Digital Photos

Using Free Digital Photos

Free digital images are offered free to the public under the creative commons and are available for usage by anybody. The photos are available for commercial projects or personal projects purposes. For entrepreneurs, this is a boost to them because they cut expenditure which would be incurred to hire a professional photographer to do their photography work. Because there are so many sites offering a variety of photos, the entrepreneurs can give their work a head start with excellent images. But despite coming with so many benefits, there are various cons of using free digital images as illustrated below.

License demands

Sometimes these free digital photos are offered under certain restrictions. It is essential to read and understand terms and conditions before using them.  Sometimes there are restrictions on how the images should be used. For instance, you might be cautioned not to use the photos for commercial purposes.


Stock photos are readily available on websites, and so many businesses are using them. The decision to use them, therefore, will not create a significant impact on your venture because they are popular because of their usage all over. For businesses that what real to be unique, it is essential to do their photos so that they portray a unique appearance.

Hampers creativity

By using stock photos, you hinder the creativity of creative designers who are involved in designing your business’s websites. If you want your venture to be genuinely distinguishable, it is essential to let the designers use original photos done by a professional photographer. This creates an element of uniqueness and newness to your organization and may make people interested in what you are doing.


Any business aims to position itself as different and offer services that are unique from the other companies. At the designing stage, you cannot capture this idea well if you use free stock images which so many businesses have already used compared to what you get when you pay for pictures.


These are points to put in mind. Nothing can beat free digital photos. All you need to choose wisely and stay away from pictures that come with restrictions. Start your research and let nothing stop you from finding the best images for your site or any other personal site.

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