New 747-400 Business Elite Flat Bed and Improved Economy Class Experience

September 5th, 2015

Explore Delta’s re-engineered 747-400 aircraft, redesigned from nose to tail with state of the art amenities and world-class comforts for the business traveler.

The new Business Elite cabin, combining the finest of form and function, features private, all-front facing flat bed seats with spacious seat areas and direct aisle access. Travelers enjoy the convenience of generous storage, a 5-course signature dining menu, and an improved in-flight entertainment experience including more than 1000 on-demand movies, TV, gaming and music choices through an oversized, swiveling, 15-inch monitor. When it’s time to sleep, each seat fully converts to a flat bed, complete with full size pillow and quilted duvet comforter. It’s a modern personal space that accommodates productivity when you need it, and comfort when it matters most.

The improved flying experience isn’t just in the Business Elite cabin. The Economy cabin has been completely overhauled giving each passenger more storage, more personal space, and one of the most advanced in-flight entertainment systems in the sky on a dynamic, new, 9-inch screen. Plus, travelers can keep mobile devices charged during the flight with a USB charging port incorporated right into the display.

For even more flying comfort , travelers can upgrade to Economy Comfort: featuring up to 4 inches more legroom, up to 50 percent more recline, and an additional 110-volt power supply for passengers portable electronics. Additionally, passengers enjoy free HBO and complimentary spirits.

Delta’s new 747-400 has been redesigned to create a better, more productive flying experience for the international business traveler. This is just the latest in a number of system-wide product enhancements as part of Delta’s commitment to improving the experience of business travel.

Flying with British Airways London – Orlando – London. Service in Economy class – dinners, drinks, breakfast. And a little bit of Business Class 😉
Thank you everyone for views, likes and subscriptions!!! See you in Russia!!! ;-)))

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Board Game Blender 14 – It’s The Economy!

September 5th, 2015

Board Game Blender 14 - It's The Economy!

Join Zee Garcia and company on episode 14 of Board Game Blender!

Show Notes:

0:00 Intro
2:08 Board of Education (w/ Tiff)
4:29 Exactly Ten Second Reviews (w/ Chaz Marler)
7:28 Retro Board Game Corner
10:18 The Quirky Game
13:25 Corner Chat featuring Brett Sobol
18:53 Under The Radar
21:10 Exactly Ten Second Reviews (w/ Chaz Marler)
21:31 Würfel Reviews (welcoming Alina!)
25:04 Guess The Blurry Cover
25:22 Bored Online? Board Offline!
28:44 Designer Spotlight (w/ Jason)
30:57 Real Talk (w/ Sam)
33:58 Face Off
40:06 Gaming Terms & Concepts Explained
40:33 Buy, Try, or Deny (w/ Indiana John)
45:22 Outro

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App Millionaire Chad Mureta Presents “App Empire”

September 5th, 2015

App Millionaire Chad Mureta Presents “App Empire”

Build an App Empire: Make Money, Have a Life, and Let Technology Work for You!

Have you ever wanted to have a business that works while you play? Have you ever wanted the flexibility to live life on your terms? How many times have you had a great idea, but never followed through on it?

The world’s insatiable appetite for apps is growing at an astounding pace. Over 21 billion apps have been downloaded for Apple and Android devices alone and the market is expected to reach 30 billion dollars annually over the next few years.

Chad Mureta has made millions by starting his own successful app business with zero experience, and now he explains how you can do it too. App Empire offers the secrets to building wealth by designing, creating and marketing successful apps across any platform.

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How To Start An App Business Without Development

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VoIP Techniques For Good Company Communications

September 5th, 2015

Business communications are essential for any company these days. Correspondence with business partners, consumers and manufacturers, plus liaising among staff members is essential. Contemporary technologies allow realtime online communication and video conferences with individuals from different sides around the globe.

Gone are the days of costly worldwide calls whilst the Web has changed the way in which folks communicate. These days the internet unites not only the computer systems, additionally individuals all around the globe. Several years ago nobody could that is amazing soon folks living on different continents can easily see and talk to each other in real time. The sphere of business communications is consistently developing, surprising and impressing individuals with new technologies and opportunities.

‘Voice over the Internet Protocol’ (VoIP) is among the most recent while the best company communications solutions. It differs from landline telephony whilst the vocals is moved around the world open Web instead of regular telephone outlines. Because of the high-speed of the Web VoIP telephony became a serious replacement for landline mobile phones; increasing numbers of people find it convenient, effortless and cost-efficient to use VoIP communication methods at home and at work. it is because secure as a consistent landline, but has actually more features, including conference phone calls or video clip phone calls.

A VoIP phone functions as a regular landline phone, connected to the online; however, traditional mobile phones are VoIP compatible if they are attached to the World Wide Web via the VoIP adaptor. For VoIP business communications in the office a lot of people install softphones, that are computer system programs that may be easily installed on any computer system. You merely require a top rate web connection, a headset with a microphone and you are clearly prepared to make VoIP telephone calls.

VoIP methods are especially good for company communications. Besides offering a seamless interaction solution, business VoIP enables you to access countless of use features including caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, audio and movie call conferencing, fax over VoIP, voicemail etc. Besides, the maintenance prices are small as the most changes could be downloaded via the Internet.VoIP systems can help you save a lot of time and cash as business conferences are actually feasible even though you’re not in summit room. You don’t want to invest a king’s ransom on landline international phone calls and get expensive routes to attend a conference; with all the audio and video clip conferencing capabilities of VoIP, business owners and top supervisors can participate in the meeting via the Internet.

VoIP seriously makes business communications work enjoy it never ever functioned before. Although VoIP is relatively new in the world of company communications technology, it’s quickly getting popular with people all over the world. Numerous advantages, such as for instance inexpensive calls and useful functions, eg audio and movie telephone call conferencing make house people and company managers choose VoIP technology to regular landline phones. Most companies look for VoIP top business means to fix improve efficiency of business, save valued time and cash and remain before company competitors.

To obtain more information regarding company communications as well as other solutions we provide, please see our internet site at

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Feeding the Meter with an App? Yep, in Greensboro

September 4th, 2015

Feeding the Meter with an App? Yep, in Greensboro
Today, parking in some downtown Greensboro lots won't require coins through an app called Park Cellphone. Very first, you'll must download the free software and put within credit card information. I would suggest carrying it out beforehand. Within the parking area, look for …
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Tablets to replace laptops in the office within 10 years

September 4th, 2015

Tablets to replace laptops in the office within 10 years
… comparable to that of a laptop, rather than a smartphone. Mike Tomlinson, Director of Small Business at EE, said: “Our research clearly shows that businesses are mobilising their workforces, and that tablets are rapidly becoming the primary device …
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With Dell's help, Google pushes Chrome-based laptops beyond budget buyers
Google's challenger to Microsoft Windows has found a successful niche in schools. With the Dell Chromebook 13, Google hopes to lure business buyers and others who want a premium product.
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Small Business Financial Software

September 4th, 2015

Starting a new business takes a lot of effort. Part of that ongoing effort will be tracking the income and expenses generated by the small business. There are many small business financial software products capable of meeting your needs. Deciding on the best solution for your small business is the goal of this article.

It is important to determine the financial accounting needs of your small business when looking for software. Depending upon the type of business that you operate, the following functionality needs to be considered:

Track Customers and Sales
Invoice Customers
Manage Inventory
Process Credit Cards
Create Budgets
Perform Payroll Functions
Business Tax Reporting
Paying Bills

Most of your time will be spent entering data into your business accounting software solution. An important consideration is the bank that you do business with. Most provide data feeds, verify that their format can be uploaded into your financial accounting software. This can save you hours of effort.

With hard work and determination, your business will grow over time. Pick an accounting software solution that will grow with the business and meet your needs in the future. This can be accomplished by selecting a product with an upgrade path with more options or a product that you can add modules to later.

Their are accounting solutions that are available online using a web browser or by installing and using on a computer. If you will be out of the office for long periods of time, an online solution may be a better choice.

Depending upon the structure of your business, taxes can take lot of time on an ongoing basis. Does the software help generate tax forms that need to be filed on a monthly or quarterly basis. At the end of year tax time, can you create an extract that can be pulled into your tax software. Or if you use an accountant, does the software allow you to create an accountant copy for the accountant? Tax time is stressful enough, these features can be a great time saver.

As your business grows, it may be necessary to allow additional users to enter information or perform other tasks to bill clients etc. Does the software allow you to restrict the access for users? Some users may need access to all functions while others will only need limited functionality.

Talk to people in a similar business to find out what small business financial software they use to track their business. Ask them about the features that save time, what needs improvement and if any are missing. Most likely you will not find a software solution that is perfect, but you will be able determine the software that best meets your small business needs.

Some final considerations to make:

Will you need support? Check into the support options of the accounting software and estimate any additional costs that may be incurred.
Do not pay for features that will not be needed.

Free trials are the best way to check out the financial software. Trials are short and usually limited to 30 or 60 days, go through the list above to determine your needs and come up with a plan to test the functionality to decide on the best small business financial software that meets your needs.

Carl Dearmin is a Computer Application Programmer with over 20 years experience. As a Small Business owner I look for software solutions that can meet my needs efficiently without getting in the way.

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Webinar: Introduction to Apptivo Company Management Computer Software

September 4th, 2015

A whole 1-hour introduction and education when it comes to Apptivo platform. This is a pre-recorded webinar, which gives everything you need to get started on very first day’s Apptivo.

Included in the presentation:
(1) “Understanding Apptivo?”
(2) summary of the features
(3) Tour associated with interface
(4) Common Apptivo functions
(5) tips create and configure
(6) How to locate documents and get assistance

Apptivo is a cloud based business management collection, with 50+ integrated business programs. Rates begins just /user/month, with no special add-on pricing or hidden fees.

Get started at no cost at

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Small Business Consultant

September 4th, 2015

Expansion of a small business into an innovative new marketplace is truly a difficult and daunting idea for a business owner. But all of the aches of the procedure are now actually eliminated since business owners/businesses gain access to an enormous pool of general public information available on the internet, certain company contacts (through LinkedIn, Xing, etc…) and an ongoing process that’s worked within their present areas.

Plenty of small businesses hit a plateau inside their development within a particular area, product and/or service offering. The main element challenge is always to constantly assess the condition for the business and inquire the difficult questions on how another revolution of development will occur in the company. Instead of this being an interior discussion in the business it’s necessary to get all of the key stakeholders- clients, employees, lovers and vendors active in the procedure and provide their input.

A simple instance could be taken of an area laundry pad or drycleaners. So how exactly does the business grow from say a preexisting client base of approximately 500?

 a small business advisor speaking using the business proprietor alongside stakeholders might help establish the present difficulties, present capacity, staffing requirements and chance of the business. Will an innovative new marketing station assist the business get new clients? How will be the other competitors within the area performing? A simple study of present and previous consumers will defiantly add insights of how the business can be improved. Perhaps the client took bargain provides when you look at the next-door neighbor is provided consequently they are keen to goto the washing service using the optimum discount, or possibly the leaflets regarding the solution must be supplied at places with a high foot traffic, prompt house delivery of clothing is something consumers price and don’t head a bit additional.

a current business owner sometimes require a fresher point of view of his or her own companies to collect ideas. A small business advisor supplying that certainly be in need and may build a sustainable company of incorporating price to those forms of customers.

Qiu Inc( is a global company development and marketplace entry consulting firm headquartered in Asia. Sandeep Balaji may be the Director and it has above a 12+ year track record in operation development, new market entry and growth advisory for a number of organizations.

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นิพนธ์ สุวรรณประสิทธิ์ 2-9-58 On Business Line & Life

September 4th, 2015

นิพนธ์ สุวรรณประสิทธิ์ 2-9-58 On Business Line & Life

ทีเด็ดของ กรรมการผู้จัดการใหญ่ บล.ไอร่า จำกัด (มหาชน) แนะนำ ตามกรอบ
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